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Silken Tofu

Did you know there are different types of tofu? Silken Tofu is very soft and moist, no pressing is required with Silken Tofu and it's perfect for making omelets and smoothies.

Prep Time: 60      Completion Time: 10      Serving Size: 4


1 Batch of uncut Soymik

4 T water
1 tsp Nigari (magnesium chloride)


When finished cooking the Soymilk and before cutting it with water, transfer the thick hot liquid into an air tight container thru a mesh strainer.

Dissolve the Nigari in the water, then add the water into the hot Soymilk. Gently move a slotted spoon through the milk in a figure eight motion. When curds begin to form discontinue stirring.

Wait 2-3 minutes if there are still milky spots, mix up another batch of Nigari and water. Pour the mixture into the milky areas then gently stir the curds one time and set aside to thoroughly cool.

Once completely cooled the tofu should have achieved a flan like consistency. Place a lid on the tofu and refrigerate over night. In the morning your tofu will be ready for use.

Side Notes:
Blot with paper towels if necessary to remove excess moisture, however a small amount of liquid is normal.

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