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Side Dish / Bread

French Baguettes

These light and airy French Baguettes will turn any dish into a culinary delight. Between the crusty outside, the soft amazing inside and the smell of homemade French Baguettes baking in your oven, this bread is sure to have you in a sensory overload.

Prep Time: 100      Completion Time: 20      Serving Size: 2-3 Loaves


1 cup warm water
1 T white sugar
1 1/2 tsp yeast

2 1/2 cups All purpose flour
1 tsp salt


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Mix sugar into the warm water until dissolved. Add yeast, mix well, then set aside and allow to proof.

In a large bowl mix together the flour and salt.

Pour the yeast mixture into the flour, mix and kneed with a wooden spatula until thoroughly combined. Knead by hand to insure everything is well blended then form into a dough ball and lightly grease. Cover with a clean kitchen towel and allow to rise for 1 hour.

Lightly kneed the dough then divide into 2 or 3 equal pieces. Roll into baguettes and make diagonal cuts across the tops of each loaf.

Place on a baking stone or greased cookie sheet. Cover and allow to rise again for 30 minutes.

Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!

Side Notes:
Place bowl on the warmest spot of stove top while the oven is preheating. Allowing dough to rise in a warm place produces a light and airy dough.

Instead of making 3 baguettes, divide one of the 3 loaves into 8 equal pieces and roll them into snakes. Then tie them into knots and brush with garlic butter!

These make great hoagie rolls.

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