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Furbaby Food / Nice Cream

Carob Covered Strawberry Treats

Nice Cream treats are quick and easy to make and a fun change from the everyday cookie. These frozen delights are especially yummy on birthdays and gotcha days!

Prep Time: 10      Completion Time: 480      Serving Size: 10


24oz So Delicious Plain unsweetened non-dairy yogurt

1 T NON alcoholic vanilla, divided
1 T Carob Powder
1/2 cup strawberries, crushed
1/2 cup peanuts, crushed


Divide the yogurt evenly into two bowls.

In one bowl add carob powder, half the NON alcoholic vanilla and mix well, in another bowl mix in the strawberries and the rest of the vanilla.

Pour equal portions of each flavor into silicone molds, starting with the strawberry and topping with the chocolate. Garnish with peanuts and freeze over night.

Side Notes:
Divide yogurt into three bowls and use all the vanilla in one bowl to make a Neapolitan treat!

Not all nuts are safe for your precious pooch to consume. Please make sure that ALL your ingredients are furbaby safe!

Not all spices are good for your four legged friends. Do your research and talk to your vet if you are unsure.

NEVER give your pup chocolate!

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