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Queso Blanco Casserole

Main Dish / Pasta

Queso Blanco Casserole is a hearty all in one baked dish, loaded with creamy vegan Queso Blanco sauce, spicy seitan sausage and a homemade salsa loaded with fresh garden veggies. Queso Blanco Casserole has just the right amount of spice, zest and cheesy goodness to make this more than just another mac n cheese casserole, this is a meal.

  Red Black and Tofu Burger

Main Dish / Burgers

Brimming with attitude and packed with flavor, this hearty burger is a healthy lean baked cuisine that just might be what the doctor ordered. The Red Black and Tofu Burger is an incredible blend of legumes, walnuts and tofu along with an array of seasonings making this burger not just good tasting but good for you too.

  Rise and Shine Breakfast

Breakfast / Soy

Nothing starts the day right like a hearty breakfast. Paired with homemade toast and freshly squeezed orange juice the Rise and Shine Breakfast will have you eager to greet the morning. Tofu scrambles served aside a helping of golden home fries makes for a complete and satisfying meal.


Condiments / Vegetable

Salsa, the perfect match to your tortilla. Whether it's movie night at home or a social gathering with friends. Our homemade Salsa is ready to be the hit of the party and the talk of the town!

Silken Tofu

Main Dish / Soy

Did you know there are different types of tofu? Silken Tofu is very soft and moist, no pressing is required with Silken Tofu and it's perfect for making omelets and smoothies.

  Simple Creamy Soup

Main Dish / Soup

This Simple Creamy Soup is perfect on its own or as a base for any creamy vegan soup. Enjoy it topped with chives or reinvent last nights left over vegetables into a creamy veggie chowder! The possibilities are possibly endless.

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