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No Bake Carrot Cake

Raw / Cake

Here is a totally guilt free, healthy, you won't believe it's good-for-you recipe straight from Mother Nature's garden. It's difficult to believe that this scrumptiously moist and delightful carrot cake is something you can feel good about eating, but believe it or not, you can! No Bake Carrot Cake is raw and deliciously wholesome.


Breakfast / Cake

These light and fluffy pancakes are going to become a weekend regular. They are so easy to make and oh so scrumptious to eat. Topped with powdered sugar and maple syrup, these heavenly hot cakes are sinfully delicious!


  Parsley and Peppermint Cookies

Furbaby Food / Cookies

Parsley and Peppermint dog treats are a real breath saver for furbabies everywhere. Fresh parsley provides vitamin C, iron and helps to maintain and freshen your furbaby's breath. While fresh peppermint also freshens the breath, it’s a great source of dietary fiber and protein as well.

Pineapple jam

Condiments / Jam

I love pineapple and they are so good for you. Now this Pineapple Jam my not be the healthiest way to consume your pineapple, but it sure is tasty! Makes a sweet gift for any occasion, or keep it for yourself and share sparingly.

Pizza Dough

Main Dish / Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore! And that's exactly what will happen when you make this Pizza Dough for the first time. Pizza night is always a big hit, but turning it into a homemade pizza night is nothing short of a homerun!

Queso Blanco

Cheeze / Sauce

Vegan Queso Blanco sauce is here and it is fantastic! Pour it over all your favorite Tex-Mex dishes from No-Huevos Rancheros to vegan Enchiladas, you wont run out of ideas with this creamy cheese sauce sensation.

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