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Italian Dry Dressing Mix

Condiments / Dressing

If you like Italian dressing you are going to love this Italian Dry Dressing Mix. Not only can you make amazing Italian dressing but you can sprinkle it into pasta salads, mix it into baguette dough or rub it on seitan! You'll find lots of ways to enjoy this magical mix.


Main Dish / Rice

We're turning up the heat with this Jambalaya recipe! If you like it hot then you're going to fall in love with this spicy little dish. Our vegan Jambalaya wont just keep you warm on a cold and dreary day it's gonna make you sweat.

Kikkin Chikkin Thighs

Main Dish / Seitan

Eureka's Kikkin Chikkin Thighs are as easy as 1-2-3 for you to make! You won't believe you eyes or your taste buds when you try these succulent tender morsels. Great in stews or for making our Chikkin Cacciatore. Any recipe that calls for chicken thighs can easily be veganized by using Eureka's Kikkin Chikkin Thighs.


Kikkin Fried Chikkin (aka KFC)

Main Dish / Seitan

Vegan KFC is here! Eureka's "Kikkin Fried Chikkin" is juicy, tender, crispy and full of flavor. And just like it's famous counter part, Eureka's vegan KFC doesn't have any real chicken in it!

  King Oysters in Garlic Sauce

Main Dish / Mushroom

Nope, it's not scallops and it is definitely not a Wonka Bar but it most certainly is scrumpdiddlyumptious! Succulent King Oyster Mushrooms dripping in garlic sauce abed a delicate mound of linguine. Your guests will think you spared no expense as they compliment your culinary skills.

  Lagunitas Phish Fry

Main Dish / Rice

Holy mackerel! This Lagunitas Phish Fry will have you reeling. You won't believe how easy they are to make let alone how incredible they are to taste. If you don't get hooked, let minnow! Not your traditional fish fry, these beer batter dipped vegan fillets will have you swimming with excitement.

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