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French Baguettes

Side Dish / Bread

These light and airy French Baguettes will turn any dish into a culinary delight. Between the crusty outside, the soft amazing inside and the smell of homemade French Baguettes baking in your oven, this bread is sure to have you in a sensory overload.

  French Dip with Au jus

Main Dish / Sandwiches

Our French Dip is a hot succulent sandwich consisting of tender thin slices of Shitake mushrooms laced with savory strands of sautéed onions and served on a homemade French Banquette with a flavorful sauce made from the pan juices, for dipping.

French Dressing

Condiments / Dressing

Vegan French dressing is so easy to make, why buy it? There is something about a homemade dressing that you just can't get from store bought. Whether your pouring it on a salad or on a sandwich, you'll agree this French Dressing is "fantastique"! < insert accent here

Garbanzo Beans and Red Pepper Pasta

Main Dish / Pasta

Looking for something a little different to dress up your everyday pasta? Well look no further! Garbanzo Beans and Red Pepper Pasta is a real belly pleaser. Garnished with Eureka's Shake Parm and served with garlic bread, this just may replace your everyday pasta.


Heavenly Potatoes

Appetizer / Vegetable

"Heavenly" Potatoes are our version of the "Deviled" egg. You wont believe your taste buds when you bite into this poultry imposter. Vegan deviled eggs are here and traditional deviled eggs can go to... Well, you get the idea.

Instant Buttermilk

Beverage / Soy

Use vegan Instant Buttermilk as an exact cup for cup replacement to dairy buttermilk. It's fast, easy and makes fantastic vegan Buttermilk Ranch dressing, pancakes, biscuits and so much more!

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