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  Creamy Tomato

Main Dish / Soup

Creamy Tomato soup is a real crowd pleaser on a cold rainy day. Harmoniously paired with a vegan grilled cheese sandwich, this creamy belly-filling soup is sure to leave you satisfied. Served with fresh basil or croutons, Creamy Tomato soup will fast become a family favorite.

Eggplant Burger

Main Dish / Burgers

Last year our garden overjoyed us with an abundance of eggplant. Which quickly turned into, "How many awesome and diverse meals can I create with an eggplant!" Here is one of several mouth watering eggplant recipes that is sure to become a family favorite "The Eggplant Burger" this bad boy will certainly cause a ruckus every time.

  Eureka's Bangin Bread

Side Dish / Bread

We just love Dave's Killer Bread, so of course we had to come up with our own version of a sweet seedy diabolical bread. Today we are pleased to present to you, Eureka's Bangin Bread! Crammed with seeds and oats inside and out, Eureka's slightly sweet Bangin Bread is perfect for making burger buns and sandwiches.

  Extra Firm Tofu

Main Dish / Soy

There is nothing that compares to homemade tofu. You will never go back to store bought again once you realize how fun, easy and more importantly, how inexpensive it is to just make it yourself.


Side Dish / Bread

MmmmMmmm Flat bread! You like Naan? Then your gonna love our Flat Bread. Naan is not vegan, but Eureka Flat Breads are! Great for sopping up saucy rice dishes, served with a garden salad or wrapped around a yummy vegan Gyro. No matter how you devour it, our vegan Flat Bread will have you shouting "EUREKA"!


Flax Egg

Miscellaneous / Nuts & Seeds

Flax Eggs are an easy and inexpensive way to replace poultry eggs in all your baking, cooking and coating needs!

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