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Southwest Black Bean Burger

Main Dish / Burgers

These Southwest Black Bean Burgers are full-bodied and full of flavor. Topped with our vegan pepper jack cheese and homemade salsa, Eureka Southwest Black Bean Burgers will stimulate your taste buds and satisfy your tummy.


Beverage / Soy

When it comes to processed foods there is nothing like making them yourself! No worries about what's in the ingredients, no worries about additives that don't need to be in there. Homemade Soymilk is definitely no exception to this rule. At Eureka Plant Based Foods we only use pure organic soy beans and clean filtered water to make our Soymilk, no carrageenan, no preservatives, only pure and simple goodness!

Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Main Dish / Vegetable

I love pasta, so when I discovered spaghetti squash, I was like "What is this animal?" Spaghetti squash is so wonderfully diverse, there are a variety of ways to serve it up. Here is a twist on spaghetti and meatballs that will have you dancing!

Sweet Pea Stew

Furbaby Food / Stew

Why by canned dog food that's made with who knows what. Sweet Pea Stew is cost affective and taste great, not to mention nutritious! Mix in with dry vegan kibble for a complete balanced meal.


Main Dish / Sandwiches

You're gonna be floored by our vegan take on a traditional BLT sandwich. You wont believe your taste buds when you bite into this naturally flavor packed crispy vegan bacon served on homemade toasted bread.

  Tofu Poppers

Appetizer / Soy

These delightful little bite sized Tofu Poppers are the perfect appetizer or late night snack. Whether you're tossing them in your mouth or tossing them on a salad, we think you'll agree, our Tofu Popper are popperific!

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